don’t touch my hair

don’t touch my hair

I had a hair appointment this past Friday (yes, the braids are back) and needed to go to heaven on earth, also known as the beauty supply store. So, on Thursday Ariel and I made our way to one of the beauty supply stores near campus.

When we went to the beauty supply store, I only had a few things to pick up: braiding hair, a satin pillowcase, and maybe a new hair product. However, things did not turn out like that — at all. Of course, the moment I walked into the beauty supply store, my small shopping list turned into a full-blown natural hair haul. From Shea Moisture to Cantu to Eco Styler, I browsed each of the aisles looking for all the essential items in natural hair care.

As Ariel and I walked up and down the aisles of the beauty supply store, I began to feel this sense of home. I know it sounds a little crazy but it’s true. Something about being surrounded by items geared towards women that look just like me makes me smile lol. A store specifically for black women? Heaven on earth. Many of the items in beauty supply stores are what help make black women look so damn good and their prices are undefeated. The beauty supply store is full of great, rare, and inexpensive finds that you’ll more than likely end up loving. Of course, I just got my hair braided so a few of the items I picked up won’t be used for a while but I did get to use them during my wash day and they were all great. Here’s a breakdown of my beauty supply store haul:

  • Diane Professional Styling Brush*
  • A wide tooth comb*
  • Bandana
  • An applicator bottle that I’ll use for oiling my scalp
  • A satin pillowcase*
  • Beads for my braids*
Hair Products:
  • Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen & Grow Treatment Masque (just a small packet to use for wash day)*
  • Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen & Restore Loc & Braid Butter
  • Eco Style Professional Styling Gel: Black Castor & Flaxseed Oil

Of course, I also picked up my braiding hair and a few other wants/needs. One thing I can definitely say about myself is that although I’m a member of the natural hair community, I rarely know what I’m doing and never really had the tools that I needed to become the naturalista that’s in my heart. I mainly left a lot of my natural hair tools at home for my sisters and never really took the time to pick up those same items to keep in DC because I literally always have my hair in a protective style.

As far as reviewing these products, I’ve placed asterisks next to the ones that I have already used (no worries, I’ll definitely take the time to review the others). First is the Diane Professional Styling Brush (which was only $3.99 at my beauty supply store), it’s definitely great for WET hair, never brush while dry unless your plan is to pull out your hair. This brush was actually placed right next to the Denman brushes in the store and the Denman brushes were about $25+, so I think that pretty much explains why I chose to purchase the Diane brush instead lol. I’m not even gonna lie when I was taking the brush out of its packaging the bristles slid out of the handle and across my room. I was shook, but luckily I was able to put it back together with Krazy Glue (courtesy of Her Campus’ Fall 2017 Holiday Survival Kits) and the brush honestly felt a lot stronger afterward. Sidenote: I’m so glad I glued to brush together before I used it to wash my hair because who knows what would’ve happened as I ran it through my thick ass hair. Secondly, the wide tooth bomb is an ESSENTIAL natural hair tool for detangling, wash day, etc. If you don’t one then oh no, baby, what is you doing? Buy a wide tooth comb, sis. Next is the satin pillowcase, LET ME TELL Y’ALL ABOUT THIS RIGHT HERE! How did I live my entire life without one? Especially when I was (and still am) the type of girl that woke up several times in the middle of the night to see that my bonnet/scarf had slid off at some point. Lastly (for the tools), gold beads for my braids! Lol if you have paid any attention to me since the beginning of my senior year of high school, I rarely ever get box braids without putting in the cute gold beads.

When it comes to actual hair products that I purchased, I’ve (so far) only used the Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Treatment Masque. I used the masque as my deep conditioner during my wash day and as son as I applied it to my hair, I could feel it working. I’ve already proclaimed my love for this Shea Moisture and this specific collection several times so I’m not going to go into depth but this product really made my hair feel super soft, however, it did take a reeeeaaaaalllllyyyy long time for me to wash it out but that’s expected with this collection (I also did apply quite a lot of product to my hair). As far as the Shea Moisture JBCO Strengthen & Restore Loc & Braid Butter, I have not used this product yet but I am really excited to use it as moisturizer during my nighttime hair routine (more than likely after oiling my scalp). The Eco Style Professional Styling Gel: Black Castor & Flaxseed Oil has been a product that I have been hearing about for months and have been waiting to try. I’ve watched sooooo many reviews on this and really weighed the pros and cons and decided: YOLO, it’s $5, and there have a been way more great reviews than negative ones (especially for type 4 hair). Two things that I will say about this gel: it smells wonderful and it has little sparkles in it that make it look sooooo pretty and they don’t transfer onto my hair, which is great! I did try this gel just a little bit on my edges but disclaimer: I’m not the greatest at laying my edges, I usually leave them alone as much as I can because it’s frustrating to lay my edges and then wake up in the morning to see my scarf has fallen off and my edges are a mess. It’s also been suuuuuper hard to find a product that will actually lay down my 4C edges for longer than 20 minutes. When using this gel on my edges, it went on so smoothly and it really felt like I was doing something. Currently, my edges look decent, not perfect but not terrible either. I’m learning and that’s what matters lol. Below are videos from two of my favorite YouTubers with their reviews on the Eco Styler Gel!

That’s it for my small beauty supply store haul! What products and tools do you consider as essentials for your natural hair? Drop them in the comments below! P.S. For those of y’all that are really trying to learn all about your natural hair and how to take care of it, Kaice Alea (the first YouTuber above) has a series called Curls with Kaice that teaches all about natural hair from the basics!


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