doves in the wind

doves in the wind

The start of this song [and the rest of it] pretty threw everyone off. “Pussy” is said 28 times in this song, and according to SZA herself, is dedicated to them and their power. However, SZA made a powerful statement at the beginning of the song.

“Real niggas do not deserve pussy

Meaning it’s more, you see right through walls

Ain’t talking about pussy

Meaning you deserve the whole box of chocolates”

Within these four lines, SZA is saying that she’s worth so much more than the good stuff and real niggas know that. They also know that they don’t deserve sex, they deserve much much more. The first verse of the song also references the film Forrest Gump and the relationship between its two main characters. One of the things I love about Ctrl is the fact that majority, if not all of the songs have a film reference included in them. As a cinephile, it brings joy to my heart and my ears.

“Niggas’ll lose their mind for it, wine for it, dine for it–pussy

Spend time for it, see no colored line for it–pussy

Double back handicap and go blind for it–pussy”

As listeners get more into the song, we hear about the lengths that men go to for sex and the power of pussy itself. Whether it is pretending to be someone else, changing their appearance, or just being flat out bold, Kendrick Lamar’s verse gets to the extents that men will go through for pleasure. He also speaks on how men will do so much for women but they have trouble when it comes to respecting women or committing to them. In the lines ending his verse, he encourages SZA to speak her mind and tell her truth.

“Solana, middle fingers up, speak your truth.”

After this line, SZA begins singing again about the trifling ways of men attempting to make women seem as if they (and their body parts) aren’t as important as they truly are. Currently, I’m thinking back to a series of tweets I saw last week about men not learning to value women or how to respect them until after having daughters of their own and honestly, I find that ridiculous. Why is it that men don’t learn how to respect women until after they have daughters? Sure, they don’t want men treating their daughters the way that they’ve treated women but what about their mother, their sisters, cousins, etc? What about their daughter has caused this revelation and why haven’t they felt the same feelings for other women in their families or even just for women in general? I propose that the reason for this phenomenon of men not knowing how or why to respect women until they have daughters is because they see women as objects and exactly what this song is about: pussies, both literally and figuratively. These men must come to terms with their misogyny and realize that women have so much more to offer, just like a box of chocolates. Of course, everyone’s story is unique but SZA’s question still comes out on top: Where’s Forrest now when you need him?


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