I’m not sure if you know the history behind this song featured on Paramore’s most recent album, After Laughter. Do you even know the history behind Paramore’s bandmates? Well, here’s a short version: their drummer, Zac Farro, left the band back in 2010 and his friendship with lead singer, Hayley Williams became strained. However, he rejoined the band in 2017 when they began working on After Laughter.

With that being explained, this song is about how Hayley and Zac restarted both their friendship and working relationship.

“Stop asking why

Why we had to waste so much time

Well, we just pick up, pick up and start again

‘Cause we can’t keep holding on to grudges”

The chorus speaks to me everything I hear it. I went from thinking that my grudges showed how committed I was to my beliefs and making sure I wasn’t flaky to thinking that I was actually just wasting both my time and my energy by holding grudges. Grudges are honestly nothing but joy stealers. The more energy that you spend on holding your grudges, the less energy to will have for truly being happy in your life. The more time you spend worrying about the people and things you’re holding a grudge against, the less time you will have to enjoy your life and everything that brings you joy. You have to let it go.

“Time is a bastard

I won’t break my neck to get around it

But aren’t we so brave to give up a fight

And let the years go by without us”

During the second verse, Hayley sings about harsh time has been to her but also how she isn’t going to let it control her or her art. She’s decided to go with the flow from now on. I personally think that’s a very brave thing to do. As someone who genuinely enjoys planning things out, letting things go and going with the flow is a little difficult for me. So I applaud Hayley for taking on such a difficult task.

Look, I know that there are some grudges that are bigger than others and some that just feel as if they’re meant to be held onto but I’m telling you now: it’s not worth it. It’s not worth your happiness, it’s not worth your sanity, it’s not worth your time, and it is not worth your energy. It will take time but I believe in you.


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