“Rise” is the opening song to Solange’s A Seat at the Table and although it is short, it’s effective. Solange intended for the entire album to “provoke healing and a journey of self-empowerment.” Now, I’m sure that I’ve stated this before but I love this album with all of my heart, it’s my favorite thing to listen to when I’m going through something or just need background music for my self-care Sundays. Like I stated above, this first song is short and sweet but the meaning hits me like a truck.

“Fall in your ways, so you can crumble

Fall in your ways, so you can sleep at night

Fall in your ways, so you can wake up and rise”

The song starts off with this simple line, which she continues to sing throughout the song repeatedly to symbolize someone falling into a routine of doing to the same old thing every day but crumbling because there is no progress within their life. When I first realized the meaning behind this, I was shook and felt like Solange had dragged me. There have been so many times where I say I’m going to do something but fall into the same routine of not executing my dream and letting it wither away or crumble. I was literally stuck in this realm of comfortability and didn’t feel the need to try anything new or do something that scared me.

I recently read (and posted) this tweet about moving forward that’s stuck with me ever since: What could life look like by December if I devoted the next 6 months to executing my dreams?

“Walk in your ways, so you won’t crumble

Walk in your ways, so you can sleep at night

Walk in your ways, so you can wake up and rise”

The final verse of Solange’s “Rise” switches it up a little bit by changing “fall” to “walk” so that you won’t crumble. I see this change as someone finally moving forward and using their time to accomplish what has been on their mind while falling into their ways for the past three verses. Genius describes the switch up like this: “There are ups (walk) and there are downs (fall) when you live your truth. If ‘fall in your ways’ is about accepting yourself and your failures so that you can move on, ‘walk in your ways’ embodies that moving forward, the eventual positive growth, that makes all that stress and self-care worthwhile.” Even though this track is a little over a minute and a half, I genuinely enjoy listening to it because it encourages me to get out of my comfort zone and hop onto the projects and experiences I’ve been thinking about. Usually, when I’m falling in my ways, I’m stuck in a rut and not taking care of myself very well.

Throughout this summer, I’m trying my hardest to walk in my ways so that I can wake up a rise. I’m slowly realizing my worth (in terms of my career) and trying to use my gifts to their full extent while also working on them to make them better. Whether it’s working on my leadership skills, exploring uncharted territory to discover new passions, or applying for positions that I feel like I may not be qualified enough for. Honestly, the results so far are surprising me so I am full force encouraging you to go for what frightens you because you never know what the future holds. Walk in your ways so you can wake up and rise, sis. I’m deadass.


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