19 songs for new beginnings

19 songs for new beginnings

With the start of a new year brings new beginnings so I decided to compile a list of 19 songs to start off 2019 that felt like new beginnings to me. Enjoy!

“Intro (SweetSexySavage)” by Kehlani

“My condolences to anyone who has ever lost me
And, to anyone who got lost in me
Or, to anyone who ever felt they took a loss with me
My apologies for the misunderstanding or the lack thereof
I’m sorry you missed the God in me
And I’m sorry you missed the light”

I thought this intro was the perfect song to kick off the year with because it starts off with condolences for all the people that I’ve left in 2018.

“Angles” by Mick Jenkins featuring Noname & Xavier Ömar

“Had to get to know myself before I claimed I love me
Nobody else, just for myself, got more myself just for me
Growing everyday, I’m growing everyday, growing everyday”

I love this song because it talks about seeing things in different perspectives and it also mentions a lot of self-love. These are two things I feel like I learned a lot about this past year. I also really love Noname’s verse and agree that a good rap song is all I need.

“Work Out” by Chance the Rapper

“Doesn’t it get dark, right before the sun peeks
And bears his face? And doesn’t it get so hard to breathe?
But it’s gonna work out, it’s gonna work out”

This song dropped over the summer and I’ve honestly been in love with it ever since. I love how upbeat and positive it is and I want to carry that energy with me throughout this year.

“Here I Am” by Nicki Minaj

“So do you take me to be who I am?
To have and to hold till death do us part?
‘Cause if not, it’s just best we both part”

This underappreciated Pink Friday track is one of my favorites before it’s all about unapologetically being yourself. Here’s what Nicki said about “Here I Am,”: “l’d expect to here from me but it has to be in my top 3 faves on the album. I’d listen to this song for hours on the plane or at home and pray for the day when I’d truly feel accepted. For me. Not for who everyone thinks I am. Not for who people want me to be. But for me. Here I am. Hate it or love it. Here I am. I’ve given all I had to give. I fought. I failed. I won. I cried. I laughed. I screamed. I’m ready. Not perfect by any stretch of the imagination. But Here I Am.”

“Still Here” by Drake

“Oh and I’m back, dog
Oh, you just went and turned your back, dog
I thought that we were family
You showed me that we can’t be
I gotta talk to God even though He isn’t near me
Based on what I got, it’s hard to think that He don’t hear me”

This song is on the playlist simply because I made it through this year and I’m still here.

“W.A.Y.S.” by Jhené Aiko

“At forty-four minutes to four
An angel walked up to my door
Opened the windows to my soul
Told me he thinks that I should know
That life only gets harder, but you gotta get stronger”

This is the song that has been getting me through these past few months. It has such a positive message and I’ve appreciated it so much. Also 444.

“Free” by Destiny’s Child

“Nigga you been doing you I’m gon’ do me
I’m free

Ain’t no feeling like being free
When your mind’s made up
And your heart’s in the right place
Ain’t no feeling like being free
When you’ve done all you could
But what’s misunderstood
It’s all good, it’s all good”

This was my first time going into the new year as a single woman in five years and I just really felt this song. Destiny’s Child did THAT.

“Last Hope” by Paramore

“It’s just a spark
But it’s enough to keep me going
(So if I let go of control now, I can be strong)
And when it’s dark out, no one’s around
It keeps glowing”

This is another song that helped me get through my depression because it’s literally about finding your way out of your depression.

“Envy Me” by CalBoy

“If you with the squad, I give you my heart, lil‘ nigga, I mean it
I was fighting some demons, in the field, bitch, I’m deep in
I was raised in the deep end, I know niggas be sinking”

Samya introduced me to this song and she played it alllllll the time and I fell in love with it after the first line I have quoted because it truly embodies how we treat our friends and family. I’m carrying her and her values with me into 2019.

“dothatshit!” by Playboi Carti

“I’d rather not talk about it just do that shit
I’d rather not talk about it just live this shit
I’d rather not talk about it just shoot the shit”

I really love this song and it’s my energy this year. It perfectly embodies “moving in silence.”

“Money” by Cardi B

“All I really wanna see is the (Money)
I don’t really need the D, I need the (Money)
All a bad bitch need is the (Money flow)”

I have a really good feeling about my career this year and I’m planning on getting money. Period.

“good day” by 21 Savage

“Today was a good day, ain’t have to spray the K
Today was a good day, I sold a brick of yay
Today was a good day, my brother beat his case
Today was a good day, day”

It’s pretty simple: I’m planning to have a lot of good days in 2019. Fun fact: one of my favorite songs is Ice Cube’s “It Was A Good Day” and it was originally on this playlist until 21 dropped i am > i was and I decided to add his modern twist.

“Yet” by Kehlani

“Look, I ain’t did shit to you yet
I ain’t even shit on you yet
You ain’t my enemy yet
But you ain’t a friend to me yet”

Like I said, I’m feeling very confident about my career this year. This song perfectly reflects how I feel now, while “How That Taste” represents how I want to feel in December 2019.

“Pre-Occupied” by Jon Bellion featuring Blaque Keyz

“And dreams that I wrote down, they came to life
I figured out there’s money in my mind
I’m glad I lived my life pre-occupied

You need to get that bag out my face
God made me a full-blown genius
What the fuck I need coke for?”

This song has been one of my favorites since high school. For some odd reason, calmed my anxiety during my driver’s test and that anxiety-calming feature hasn’t changed in the slightest.

“Ego (Remix)” by Beyoncé featuring Kanye West

“Me and my ego
And it go wherever we go
My ego is my imaginary friend
He was with me when I was only imagining
I had dreams of the league
One day I play Kobe
I walk up to Puff and he already know me
Coulda let the dream killers, kill my self esteem
Or use the arrogance as a steam that power my dreams”

Even though he’s a Gemini (and a hot ass mess), Kanye perfectly represented my Leo energy in this verse.

“Self” by Noname

“And y’all still thought a bitch couldn’t rap huh?
Maybe this your answer for that, good pussy
I know niggas only talk about money and good pussy”

Y’all still think a bitch can’t write? This year will be your answer for that. Insert black girl shrug emoji.

“Here Right Now” by Tasha Page-Lockhart

“I’m not supposed to be here right now
See I was so down
I can’t believe how I’m here right now
Thank God I’m here right now
Can you believe it?
Everything it happens for a reason
See there was a season
God if I’m honest, I thought you forgot my name
That is the reason
You never get caught up in what you see and
So—don’t stop believing -in me and you
I know we’ll make it through someday”

Thank you, God for continuing to wake me up every morning and continuing to bless me every day. That’s all I have to say on this one.

“Redemption” by Jay Rock featuring SZA

“I know saints, I know sinners, I know bosses
I know pain, I know wins, I know losses
My loyalty is sensitive so please don’t cross me
My loyalty is sensitive so please don’t cross me
I came to redeem myself
All I need is God’s help”

This year is going to be full of building and rebuilding relationships and I’m honestly looking forward to bettering my communication skills this year.

“Reality Check” by Noname featuring Akenya & Erin Allen Kane

“And say, “My granny really was a slave for this?
All your uncompleted similes and pages ripped
You know they whipped us niggas; How you afraid to rap it?
You went to heaven after so we could free them now
Ain’t no ocean floor when you can be a Yeezus now.””

The final song is one of my absolute favorite songs by Noname. It always gives me a reality check and reminds me to go after what I want despite the fears that I might not make it. The least I could do is try, the worst answer I can get is a no.

I hope that you all enjoy my 19 songs for new beginnings. You can find the full playlist here and on my homepage underneath the second blog post.


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