thank u, next semester

thank u, next semester

This past fall semester was my most difficult semester mentally, emotionally, and academically. It really did teach love, patience, and pain. It also truly drained me of all my energy and I refuse to have that happen again. I was recently journaling and came up with a list of vows for this upcoming semester to help me do better and be better.

I. I vow to incorporate study time into my daily routine

I used to only study when I needed to but honestly, a little bit goes a long way and a quick look over the Quizlets that I’ve made or notes I’ve taken will help my brain grasp the material just a little easier.

II. I vow to communicate heavily with my professors

During Fall 2018, it really became apparent to me that your professors will really be there for you if they know who you are other than just a name on a paper. They will work with you as much as they possibly can because a lot of them want you to succeed, that’s why they became teachers in the first place. Communication is key!

III. I vow to not do my work in my bed

Fun fact: it’s scientifically proven that you shouldn’t do any type of work while in bed. According to the American College of Healthcare Sciences, working in your bed can limit your focus, decrease your productivity, and it can train your brain to think that your bed is a place to work, therefore making it more difficult for you to fall asleep.

IV. I vow to set early deadlines

“Due today, do today” is a shitty motto and I refuse to live by it. From now on, I will set my deadlines to be a day or two ahead of when it’s actually due so that I’m not stressed rushing to finish an assignment before 11:59pm again.

V. I vow to use the fuck out of my planner

Every December, I buy a new planner and although I keep up with it throughout out the year, I wish that I would take advantage of the tools I have in front of me. So that’s exactly what I plan to do, I vow to live by my planner during this upcoming semester. If I don’t jot it down, then it’s not important. Period.

So hit me with your best shot, Spring 2019. I’m ready.


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