live & in person

live & in person

One of the items on my 2019 bucket list is to attend at least four concerts and a music festival. I genuinely enjoy hearing music live and getting a chance to watch the artist put their heart and soul into a performance. So fingers crossed for more musical adventures in 2019.

So far in my life, I’ve attended six concerts and that’s not including Yardfest every year during Howard’s homecoming festivities. My first concert, in 2015, was a Kehlani concert. If you don’t know, Kehlani is one of my favorite artists of all time. Her music and positivity have helped me get through countless times of stress and depression. I went to her Atlanta show during her You Should Be Here Tour with my sister and it was so much fun. I was so happy that I had waited for my first concert to be one by an artist I truly loved and one whose music I knew really well. I’ve enjoyed stanning her for all these years and hope to attend another one of her concerts in the future.

The next concert I attended was a graduation present and it was literally one of the best gifts I could ever ask for. My friend Neka was attending Beyoncé’s Formation World Tour in Atlanta and asked me to come along since her mom didn’t want to go anymore. I know, literally a blessing that fell into my lap. I had such an amazing time and it was so great to see the queen do what she does best: perform. I will go see another Beyoncé concert, I just have to figure out when.

My next concert experience was seeing Noname, my favorite rapper, in DC during her Telefone tour. I went with my friends (well, sisters) Justice and Tooty and I really had so much fun because I love Noname and her artistry so much. She literally performed all of my favorites and I know damn near all the words so it was truly a blast. This past Wednesday I was blessed enough to attend my second Noname concert and I had such a great time. This was my first solo concert experience and although I was nervous, I had a great time because no one I know loves Noname as much as I do so it was the perfect me time activity. The next time I see Noname, it will be in Chicago (it’s my favorite city and coincidentally, where she’s from). Mark my words.

My next concert was kind of an impulse purchase but it was $9 so I was really like “fuck it.” I got to see Vic Mensa perform after he visited campus and it was also Kaylen’s first concert so I’m glad I got to be with her for this milestone. This was the first concert I went to where I knew the artist but didn’t know their music very well. I had listened to Vic Mensa quite a few times before but I wasn’t super into his music. Nonetheless, I really enjoyed the concert and have been adding his music to my playlists ever since.

The final concert experience I have is Aminé. This was also an impulse purchase but with good reason! Ariel and I hadn’t been to a concert together and saw that Aminé had a concert in DC coming up for his Good For You Tour. We bought tickets and, of course, decided to wear yellow to the show. I really enjoyed this concert and didn’t realize how much I loved him and his music until I recognized (and damn near memorized) every song just from the start of it. I see myself attending another Aminé concert in the future because I love his music and his most album ONEPOINTFIVE (and the fact that it dropped on my birthday).

So those are all the concerts I’ve attended so far. I hope that 2019 brings good music, great concert experiences, and even better concert partners. Who’s concerts are you hoping to attend? Right now, I’m thinking Ariana Grande, Jhené Aiko, 6LACK, Paramore, Cardi B, and maybe Nicki too. If I could see Destiny’s Child in concert, then that’d be at the top of my list.


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