3 fun ways to journal

3 fun ways to journal

Although I love writing and spend a lot of my time writing for fun, I can find it a little hard to squeeze in time to actually write in my journal everyday or even every other day. My journal entries are usually more once a week as a recap of my week and how I intend to insure the upcoming week is even better than the previous one.

Since I’m so on the go, I’ve found alternate versions of journaling that help keep my feelings in check. Majority of these are quick ways to keep track of your daily happenings and daily emotions as well as see how you evolve over time.

1. Daylio

Daylio is a mood tracker and mini diary and is one of my favorite apps to use honestly. It’s a quick and simple way to keep track of your daily moods and daily activities. It’s really nice to do this app at the end of each day and calculate what’s contributing to me having good and bad days. I love that you can add personalized activities and moods to this app to make sure you’re making it as accurate as possible. Daylio is available in the App Store and the Google Play Store for free.

2. One Question A Day: A Five-Year Journal

I’ve been wanting this journal for a while ever since I saw it on Urban Outfitters’ website about a year ago and I finally decided to get it for the new year! This journal is pretty simple: it asks you one question every day for five years. It’s the same question every year but it’ll be nice to watch how my answers change over the course of the next five years. I know that from the age of 20 to 25, my answers will change dramatically and I’m excited to see my metamorphosis during such a pivotal time in my life. You can get this journal for $12 from Amazon and you can also pick up the couples version (a three-year journal) for $12 as well.

3. Private Instagram/Twitter account

You may already have a finsta but I thought it’d be a great thing to add to the list as another virtual journal. Whether your finsta (or fwitter lol) is shared with your closest friends or you just keep it to yourself, I think they’re a great way to document your life as a diary of sorts. While my private Instagram account features funny looking selfies, friendship appreciation posts, and photos from Tumblr that I really love, I use my captions as a way to type out my feelings of frustration. As for my private Twitter account, I love using it to tweet all of my weird, corny thoughts as well as rant about my life and my favorite shows without spoiling it for anyone else. I also love to retweet things that I wouldn’t normally retweet on my normal Twitter account.

Those are the the ways I keep my thoughts in order besides journaling. I hope that you’ve found a found way to keep up with your moods and emotions through this post. What are some ways you love to keep track of your feelings? Let me know in the comments below!


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