For this week’s Series Sunday I wanted to talk about something that slightly relates to both Thursday’s holiday and one of the films I discussed in Wednesday’s post. When it comes to the fourth track on Noname’s most recent project, Room 25, it tells the story of a short-lived, yet passionate relationship. Well, it was passionate on Noname’s end of things. From the lyrics, it seems as though the relationship was mostly sex but I’ll let you be the judge of that.

“Here with him a little ways from now, empty
Everything we ever was was empty
Empty fucking, cussing, I know I’m your bitch
But you’re my bitch too”

Nonetheless, the relationship or situationship that Miss Warner chronicles in this song is relatable to people her age and it was nice to see her take on it because you don’t get a lot of stories about how relationships like that don’t end up working out. Instead, we get stories like Friends with Benefits, No Strings Attached, and Love Jones where characters always end up together in the end despite the messiness of their friendships. I think that she provides listeners with a unique and needed perspective that we should be able to see.

As the first verse starts she mentions how everything they every did was empty and without true emotion but yet they were still together. I think it speaks to either situationships, friendship with perks, or even just relationships that are fizzling out emotionally but are still sizzling in the bedroom. If anything, I think these first four lines of this verse describe “just kickin’ it” like Nina and Darius but with a clear understanding that they enjoy each other’s intimacy but that’s it.

“This song ain’t even about you, Daffy Duck
Laffy taffy, daffy ducky, fucky all around
Fuck me on the ground, fuck me in the bed too
Skip, love me with your eyes closed, cigarette, cruise ship
This song ain’t even about you, Daffy Duck
This song gon’ make me go fuck your daddy
This song the reason I be cleaning ‘fore I send him the addy”

As we get more into the first verse, it’s clear that Noname has caught feelings for her lover with no name. She doesn’t want him knowing that she wrote songs about him and quickly cleans her room before he shows up because she cares what he thinks about her (that line always makes me think of that meme that says “Damn, bitch, you live like this?”). I guess Savon was right when he said “One truism in life, my friend, when that Jones come down… it can be a motherfucker.”

“Quit looking out the window, go find yourself
Gon get the bag with your kinfolk, don’t doubt your wealth”

When Phoelix enters the song with the hook, he spreads a message to listeners everywhere that basically says stop worrying about these niggas and go get your money. Rather than wallow in sadness or self-pity about your feelings not being returned, go remember who you are and focus on the things that are really important in your life.

According to Genius, there’s an annotation for this hook that I think is incredibly valid and actually reminded me of something I tweeted a few days ago (see above). The annotation states, “Phoelix’s hook is trying to encourage people to stop viewing themselves in response (or in tandem) with how other people view them or expect them to behave. Try to reach self-actualization externally of others, without isolating yourself from people that understand you.”

“I knew you never loved me but I fucked you anyway
I guess a bitch like to gamble, I guess a bitch like to lonely

I bought you Game 5 tickets, made my pussy the sequel
So you really don’t think about me?
And you really don’t miss me?
The way I lullaby your brokenness, believe me I’m Ripley
The way you struggling to love yourself, believe me that’s karma
You want a nasty bitch, psychiatrist that cook like your mama
And all you got was me-me-me
But I love you even though we’re not meant to be, I still love you
I hope you find everything that you want, and she loves you
Everything is everything just know that I love you”

The second verse brings in view of the relationship after it’s already ended. Noname thinks back to how the relationship started, noting that she knew the feelings weren’t there on his end but she tried to make him fall for her anyway by being there for him when he needed it (“The way I lullaby your brokenness”) and giving him great gifts/experiences that you would normally get from a significant other (“I bought you Game 5 tickets, made my pussy the sequel”). Noname mentions how it really boggles her mind to think about the fact that he may not even be thinking about her or missing her as she does him. It’s a huge slap in the face after everything she’s done for him. Like, after everything we’ve been through? You really don’t think about me? You really don’t miss me? I think it’s safe to say she’s a little shook and I don’t blame her at all because I know exactly what that feels like.

As we get closer to the end of the verse, Noname mentions what her lover wants and how she’s nowhere near that but loves him anyway. She makes peace with the fact that they aren’t meant to be, regardless of how strong her feelings for him may be. She wishes him luck in finding the girl that will truly make him happy and she signs off with love.

I love this song a lot and even though it’s not my favorite from Room 25, it definitely speaks volumes. I love that it tells the story of unrequited love in a different way where the lust is returned but not the love itself. Have a listen and let me know how it makes you feel in the comments!

For those of you who aren’t subscribed to my newsletter: I make Spotify playlists every once in a while and I made one based on the whole “friends with benefits” thing. The only thing is that this isn’t a playlist to listen to with your FWB, this is strictly for when you’re in your feelings about them or you just want some music to relate to. Anyway, you can listen to it here. Enjoy!


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