minding my (black-owned) business

minding my (black-owned) business

When it comes to supporting the black community, there are quite a few ways to do so. There’s service, whether it’s active service or donations. You can support their creative work through retweets/sharing their work, reading their blog posts (like this one so thank you!), watching their videos, etc. Another way is to become a customer for black-owned business! It’s been a mission of mine recently to look for brands that are black-owned or plant-based (or both) when shopping for damn near everything so I’ve compiled a list of black-owned business for you all to check out and hopefully support!

1. The Honey Pot Company

photo from @aspen_ciara

First, is one of my favorite products of all time. The Honey Pot Company is a black women owned company that provides plant based menstrual hygiene products for people with vaginas by people with vaginas. Their products contain no synthetics and are made with cotton so that they aren’t harmful to your vagina like most products. These products are my favorite not only because of all the amazing products and branding, but also because they pack an extra punch. Both the pads and the pantyliners are infused with mint and give a surprisingly nice tingling sensation that takes your mind off all your period symptoms (at least for a moment). Many of The Honey Pot Company’s products can be found in Target, Walgreen’s, WalMart, and more (pads, pantyliners, feminine washes & wipes) while all of their products can be purchased on their website!

2. SideBarreDC

photo from SideBarreDC

SideBarre is a high intensity, low impact pop-up fitness studio here in the DMV area owned and operated by three black women, including a Hampton alum! I attended one of their barre classes back in June and loved it so much that my sorority partnered with them for a fitness and entrepreneurship event in November. While attendees don’t need any formal dance training, their three instructors are trained in ballet and are attentive throughout each class to make sure your form is correct (which I love!). Also, the playlists they play during their classes are amazing! Even if you don’t live in the area, you can still support their business by signing up for their January fitness challenge, #SideBarreSTRONG, where they will send 3 workouts a week and playlists to help you stay on top of your fitness-related resolutions. However, if you live in the area and are interested in attending one of their classes, you can sign up for one in their website!

3. Natural Boss Branding

Natural Boss Branding is a creative branding company owned and operated by a former Bison, current Aggie and friend of mine, Kiara Nelson, who you may or may not know from her YouTube days. Kiara started with YouTube and soon after found her passion for creating and cultivating brands for entrepreneurs. Natural Boss offers six branding packages to help kickstart or re-establish a company’s brand. You can check out their work and packages on their website!

4. Icy Cosmetics

photo from @TheIcyCosmetics

Icy Cosmetics is a black-owned, Bison-owned Cosmetics company that specializes in lip products like lipgloss and scrubs. I recently received a sample of both a gloss and a scrub and I must say, I enjoyed them thoroughly. Each of their products are vegan and each Icy Gloss is infused with vitamin E oil to keep your lips moisturized and soft! You can purchase their lipgloss, lip oil, lip butters, and scrubs on their website!

5. Spiked Spin

photo from @bri.monee

For those of you in the NYC area, I have another black-owned fitness studio that’s perfect for your fitness goals! Spiked Spin is a cycling studio located in Brooklyn. Spiked Spin describes itself as an intersection of wellness and hip hop culture and strives to bring wellness accessibility and education to underserved communities. You can sign up for classes on their website!

6. Oil of Essence

Speaking of NYC, this natural hair care brand is also Bison-owned and a huge personal favorite. I received a sample of their deep conditioner and fell in love so much that I ended up buying their cleanser and one of their growth oils the next day. One of my favorite things about these two products in their applicator bottles, they make it so much easier to wash and moisturize my hair and I love it. I also love the ingredients that the creator, Essence Powell, uses in her products. From Fenugreek to Brahmi, these products have opened a whole new world of natural hair care for me that my hair genuinely enjoys. OOE has recently launched a hair care line for those with waves so you can still support this black-owned business even if you aren’t growing your hair out. You can purchase their products on their website!

7. Beyond Defense

photo from @BeyondDefense

With all of the wild things going on outside, it is important that you (especially black women) keep something on you to stay safe in case of an emergency. Beyond Defense is a company I came across on Twitter that sells safety devices for women. From pepper spray to stun guns, this company is dedicated to protecting families everywhere. The kit above costs $60 and also comes in all black for an extra $5. You can purchase them on their website!

I hope that you’ve enjoyed this list and found a few black-owned businesses to support in the new year and beyond. A special shout out goes to those running black-owned businesses! I wish you success in the new year and feel free to shamelessly promote in the comments!


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