black-owned things

black-owned things

One thing I’ve always been very adamant about is supporting my people, whether it’s reading other Black blogs, sharing their content, or purchasing their products. Recently, social media has been full of Black-owned business for me to support and you better believe I went ahead and did exactly that. From clothing and accessories to beauty, I’ve been looking into and purchasing things from Black-owned business and I pulled together a little haul for anyone wanting to purchase things for themselves or any loved ones (especially with the holidays coming up).

New World Goddess

The first item on my haul is a canvas tote from New World Goddess. I remember seeing this bag from @murdadee on Instagram and Twitter and thinking it was a super cute and quirky way to let people know my sun sign upfront. I’ve been using this bag a lot lately and it carries around so much that it’s perfect for the days that you just need a lot of shit with you or, if you’re like me, a lot of shit you keep on you just in case. Besides the zodiac totes, you can find crystals and jewelry at New World Goddess.

The K Label

The next business I’ve loved and purchased from is The K Label from all the way in London. The pants I’m wearing in the photos above are from their MELLOW collection. These pants fit my style perfectly, as they double as both comfort wear and something you can dress up a little bit. The K Label’s products are full of duality and I think that’s what keeps me interested (especially in their TONIK set). Cute, comfy, and casual has always been my go to and they provide that.

Better to Speak

Better to Speak is the name of a close friend of mine’s social advocacy organization and media platform, where she hosts a podcast and holds various community service projects. She recently created merch for the org and as a fan and occasional contributor, I had to support my girl! Make sure you check out Better to Speak and their latest project, a zine about Black civic engagement titled Your Silence Will Not Protect You (which is a reference to the amazing Audre Lorde, like the title of the organization).

The Inventory Candles

One of my Instagram mutuals runs a shop that sells both soy candles and wax melts. I tried out her candles a few months ago with the Cleaning Day candle, which smells delightful and intrigued me to try more. When I saw that she was releasing a collection of vintage mug candles, I just knew that I had to purchase at least one. I noticed that she had a Navy Pier candle in stock and knew it was the one for me because one of my favorite memories was visiting Chicago for the first time and having my girls Ariel and Samya take me to Navy Pier. When I got the candle I fell in love with the scent immediately and looked forward to purchasing more! You can find even more vintage mug candles and even holiday themed candles (and mugs) on her website linked above!

4 Ever My Ghee

Speaking of Samya, her older sister has launched an apparel brand in honor of my girl and her life. The brand hits home in many ways for me, using Samya’s favorite number and even featuring her final heartbeat on a lot of the designs. 4Ever My Ghee represents the loss of loved ones and being able to wear your love for them. Not only does this apparel bring comfort to me physically, but also emotionally and you can always catch me wearing it on September 1st or during the last week of October.


I found this dress on Twitter and fell in love with it instantly! Not only is it my favorite color but it’s also super cute and appropriate for family dinner nights. BESSANYC is a Black-owned clothing brand full of handmade items, including dresses, shirts, pants, and swimwear. This dress is a part of their fall collection and had the girls so excited that it sold out within a few hours. I wish that I had found them earlier because their swimwear collection was super cute but I’m looking forward to seeing more of their collections in the future!

That concludes my mini Black-owned business haul (for now)! I’m definitely looking into more businesses that cover more than clothing in the future so please feel free to comment or DM me any businesses that you run or think I would like. Make sure you all check these hardworking businesses out and give them the love they deserve!


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