affirming & ascending

affirming & ascending

Words of affirmation is one of my top love languages, right after acts of service. One thing that I’ve been doing for self care is making sure I’m performing my own love languages for myself so affirming myself, spending quality time with myself and carrying out acts of service for myself. Some activities I do to cater to each love language include taking myself out to lunch or to a movie (quality time), running errands or purchasing much needed items (acts of service and gift giving), and really taking my time to enjoy my skincare and hair care routines (physical touch).

When it comes to words of affirmation it always seems like it’s the easiest love language to incorporate into a self care routine but it’s honestly the one I’ve been struggling with the most. It’s one thing to say positive things about my self but it’s a whole other thing to truly believe them. I’ve begun by keeping post it notes full of manifestations and positive messages to myself but those got old quickly. I was saying the same things each day in the morning as I got ready for work and I only half believed them. I recently read that manifesting only works when you wholeheartedly believe that you’ve already achieved what you’re striving for. Clearly I wasn’t doing that so I switched my strategy.

In August, I signed up for daily motivational texts from one of my favorite Instagram communities, Black Female Therapists. I love account so much because they post great content all around and their directory is actually how I found my Goldilocks therapist. Each morning around 9am, they send me a motivational text along with a graphic. This service was free over the summer but starting in November it became 99¢ to receive every day texts, while free users get texts every first of the month. These messages have been a great way to start my mornings for the end of 2020 and I’m excited to see the messages I get as 2021 moves forward.

One method of words of affirmation that I’ve learned that really works and sticks with me is music. Positive and motivational music is best for me because the words always end up stuck to my brain like glue. I’ll find myself singing specific lyrics throughout the days and most usually during times that I feel anxious. The words being over (usually) pop-like, upbeat music makes the words so easy and fun to remember. I also view myself as a pretty natural performer so believing the words I’m singing or rapping is never difficult for me. I’m very happy to have found the right to give myself words of affirmation. I even made a playlist of all of my favorite songs that motivate me to get up and take on every day with a positive attitude. Everyone has their thing. You just have to find what really works for you.

If anyone would like to see my words of affirmation playlist, you can check it out here.


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