Twenty-year-old Denise “Deni” Dedmon has always been interested in words and started this blog to speak her mind without the restrictions of terms and conditions. She is a currently a junior TV/Film Production major, Speech-Language Pathology minor at Howard University with goals of becoming a professional in both of her fields.

In third grade she developed her passion for writing and detail when she fell in love with adjectives and how they seemed to brighten up a sentence. She then went on to continue to write countless essays and short stories, even penning a few unfinished novels. She later became editor of her seventh grade yearbook where she discovered her love for photography.

With her newfound love in the art of picture-taking, she begged her parents for a camera (which she luckily received) and began taking photos for her family and friends around her town.
When it comes to her writing, she loves to write about everything, from entertainment to book reviews to controversial topics and current events (ya know, your average angry black girl things). Being the oldest of five girls, she is also passionate about young black girls, their self-esteem, and making sure that they’re proud of being who they are. At the age of seventeen, she became a contributor for MTV Founders and a spring writer for Affinity Magazine.
In the spring of 2016, she graduated from Westover Comprehensive High School and completed her dual enrollment program with Darton State College (now Albany State University). At Howard University, she is the president of the campus’ Her Campus chapter and is a chartering member of Iota Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc., Delta Phi Chapter.